The First is silence

Imagine how the stars smell, how the wind tastes... Immerse yourself in silence. Everything around us is quietness. But nature is never silent. It speaks in colors, in morning dew, in a light breeze, in frost. Nature speaks a language that our essence understands. In a language that resonates in the depths of our consciousness.

The second is the void

You are never alone in nature. In any case, the presence of a human in an ecosystem is an interaction with it. But loneliness, absence - this is attention, this is a willingness to understand, the ability to observe and find something new.

The third is freedom

When you are alone and there is silence around you, when there is only nature by your side, all social constructs that have settled in your head, all duties and hardships disappear. Only a thought remains. What are you thinking at this moment?
I photograph moments... moments of silence, emptiness and freedom. I photograph... I…